Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick
Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Magic Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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The ultimate LED, adjustable selfie stick, for the perfect photo!

Struggling to take the perfect selfie?

Dull lighting, the wrong angle, and the incorrect distance can all ruin a great photo.

Capturing the best moments of your life can be a problem when you don’t want to carry a tripod or ask a stranger to take a photo for you.

You don’t need an expensive camera or tools to take incredible images you can treasure forever!

Try the Bluetooth Selfie Stick and you’ll never look back!

Featuring a three-grade, top and bottom LED light for a supreme lighting experience, you can enjoy picture perfect photos wherever you are in the world.

First grade light – enhances your natural beauty so you look even more attractive.

Second grade light – delivers luminous lighting in dark conditions.

Third grade light – provides your best background light.

You don’t need to put your trust in others to take a great photo! The Bluetooth Selfie Stick has a tripod stand so you can take a selfie or group photo easily.

Easily extendable, your selfie stick can be used during parties, graduation, traveling, and more. A 360-degree rotation with mirror means you can shoot perfectly from varying angles with ease.

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick is easily foldable so you can take it with wherever and whenever. Put it in your pocket or handbag – the extra carrying bag makes it even more convenient to travel with.

The sensational benefits of Bluetooth Selfie Stick:

  • Three grade fill light to ensure you capture the perfect photograph.
  • Use as an outdoor flash light for shooting at night.
  • Bluetooth controlled for ease of use.
  • Extendable to 32.2 inches for taking group images.
  • Foldable for convenience.
  • Compatible with all iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 with Android 4.2 onwards Edge, S6, S5, S4 and Note 5, 4, 3, 2, and Sony Xperia Z5, Z4, Z3, and can handle the majority of models.
  • In sleek sakura pink.

Record every special moment in your life.

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick helps you to capture amazing memories. Whether you want to shoot an incredible selfie for Instagram or take a beautiful group shot, this handy accessory will provide the very best set-up for your photos.

The ultimate selfie stick is only one click away!

Buy now for irresistible images you can treasure forever.